Design Review Application

PLEASE READ the following and consult the Design Review Guidelines before completing your submittal.

In an effort to provide and protect each individual's homeowner/commercial parcel rights and property value, it is required that all SFCA’s homeowners considering improvements to their home/lot which modify the exterior of the home/lot, or improvements which are visible from other homes, lots or parcels, submit this APPLICATION to the Design Review Committee (DRC) prior to initiating work on planned improvements. The DRC typically meets the first and third Tuesday of each month. (Call for Meeting time) Requests for consideration must be submitted no later than NOON the WEDNESDAY BEFORE the meeting to be included on the meeting agenda. If you have any questions concerning the review process, please call (623) 869-6644. If you need to submit supplemental documentation for your application please email the DRC Coordinator, Megan Donnelly at: [email protected] The DRC will review your application within forty-five (45) days.

Please draw a sketch of the proposed project. Be sure to show street, house and lot lines. If the addition will be a room added to the home, or is a patio cover or similar addition, you should provide an example of the elevation change to the home. (Show the proposed project from two angles showing its relationship to the home.) This type of modification requires submittal of two sets of plans. One will be stamped by the committee and returned to you for the City of Phoenix permit process and the other will be kept in the association records for your lot.

I understand that the Design Review Committee (DRC) will act on this request after receipt, at the next regular meeting. I also understand that if the required information is not included in this APPLICATION, the Design Review Committee may not be able to make a valid judgement and the submittal may be returned for more complete information. I agree not to begin proposed improvement(s) until I have been notified of the Committee's decision.

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